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2013 Talks

Experiences with MOOCs: Challenges and Opportunities

5 April 2013, Faculty of Business, Bond University

I review the current state and trends in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that are available in considerable numbers from elite higher education institutions and private for-profit providers. I detail my own experiences as a student on several MOOCs over the past 18 months and comment upon the pedagogical aspects that appeared to work well or proved to be stumbling blocks. Some technology platforms for building MOOCs are surveyed with a view to allow existing academic staff to offer their own MOOCs. The talk concludes with a discussion of whether there is a place for MOOCs within traditional higher education and how they might benefit or supplement the offerings of an institution like Bond.

Resources: screencast (YouTube), slides (SpeakerDeck), slides (Slideshare), reference links

Activity 25 Reflecting on Openness: Open Education #h817open

10 May 2013, online

My reflections on openness video for activity 25 for the Open Education MOOC #h817open instructed by Martin Weller for the Open University UK.

Resources: screencast (YouTube), slides (SpeakerDeck), slides (Slideshare), reference links