The Cloud and You

The Cloud and You

The Cloud explained - exploit the benefits, avoid the pitfalls

"What is the Cloud?", and "Why is it useful?" are the two main questions answered by this course. In everyday life you can gain many benefits from the Cloud but there are a number of pitfalls to avoid as well. Understand Cloud technology and unlock the advantages while avoiding the downsides. Over a couple of hours learn about the wide range of Cloud tasks such as email, business functions, social media, store and retrieve documents, and manage photo and video collections. Quizzes keep you on your toes and two workshops give your practical experience of using the Cloud.

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Category: Technology

What are the requirements?
  • basic familiarity with connecting a smartphone, tablet or computer to the Internet
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 16 lectures and 47 mins of content!
  • the Cloud explained
  • how to connect to the cloud
  • using cloud apps for everyday tasks
  • employing cloud storage for documents and backup
  • awareness of some major cloud services
  • working accounts on several major cloud services
What is the target audience?
  • individuals of any age, professionals and small business